Wine Horses

Festival in Caravaca de la Cruz

According to local lore, in 1250 when the Templar fortress of Caravaca was besieged by Nazari and the people of Caravaca were in need of water as their cisterns were empty, a group of brave Templar knights broke through the Muslim lines in search of the precious liquid.  They failed to get water but loaded up their horses with wineskins full of wine from Campillo de los Caballeros (near Lorca).  They returned in a fast and spectacular race through the enemy lines, bringing the wine to the fortress defenders. The Holy Cross, which had been kept in the fortress since 1231, was dipped into the wine that healed many of the sick and suffering. On their arrival Templar knights were received like heroes and saviours, women bedecked the young men and horses with flowers and richly embroidered mantles.

Festivals celebrating both the Wine Horses and the Moors and Christians are symbolic of those times of coexistence and battles, and form part of the festivities dedicated to the Holy and True Cross of Caravaca.

The Wine Horse Race, listed as a Cultural Ethnographic Heritage, attracts thousands of visitors to Caravaca de la Cruz to enjoy the colourful and emotional performance.

 DaytoursAlmeria offers a tour which will plunge you into the joyful atmosphere of a Festival that celebrates courage and dedication.

We recommend: wear comfortable clothing and footwear, and bring sun protection such as a cap or a hat, and sun screen.

PRICE: 23 €

21 € with early booking discount (valid until 15th of April)

DURATION: full day

WHEN: Thursday, 2 May 2019


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