Quarry workers against caciques

Quarry workers against caciques fighting for marble in Macael

We will bring you to an event taking place for the second time in Macael. This is a historical re-enactment to celebrate the lawsuit that became a 28-year long fight between the municipality and the caciques* over  the right to exploit the marble quarries.  The lawsuit, which ended in 1947 when the court decided that the quarries belong to the people, became a milestone in the history of the town.

Not a single detail will be missed in the historical re-enactment.

To celebrate the historical act of justice, the mayor Don Maximiliano Martinez Ramos, who presided over the town hall at that time, provided a special  treat to mark the occasion - barrels of wine. People were shouting out “uno, dos, tres las canteras son de Macael” – “one, two, three, the quarries belong to Macael”.

We will enjoy visiting Macael of 1947.

There will be a representation of craft workshops where we can see how articles such as pestles, mortars, kitchen sinks and sculptures were made out of marble using just manual tools.

There will also be a replica Parador, which is what they called the corral (farmyard) where they kept the bulls that dragged the carts to and from the quarries.

Pubs and bars will assume their old names and serve the food and tapas that they used to offer at that time. We will drink from clay cups, as the quarry workers drank.

Quarry workers, trade unions, marble craftsmen and artisans, town hall and smithies – everybody will be involved to make us happy and enjoy one special day from the past that is to coming back to make a history again.

¡Un, dos, tres las canteras son de Macael!

PRICE: 23€

DURATION: 7 hours

WHEN: 15 April 2018

PICK UP POINTS: Palomares, Garrucha, Vera, Cuevas del Almanzora
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* “The Dictionary of Spanish Language of 1729 defines the cacique as “the first in a town or region who has the highest power and command, influenced by his arrogance that intimidates and make all the inferiors be obedient”. Afterwards the definition is softer: “Any of the main people in a town who have excessive influence on the political or administrative stuff”. So the cacique is an irresponsible person, deputed or not, who domains the region. Nothing is carried out without his will or pleasure. He is above the law. The public institutions obey him”. – from the aricle by Dr. J. Agustin Franco Martinez “Spanish Caciquism: Chronicle of an Underdevelopment Foretold?”