Mojacar – the land of dialogue

“I am as Spanish as you. After my people have lived in Spain for more than seven hundred years, you tell us to go. I have never borne arms against the Christians. I therefore believe it is fair that you treat us like brothers, not like enemies, and that you allow us continue working our land.  He added “Before handing myself over like a coward, I know how to die like a Spaniard”.

Those were the words spoken by Alabez, the Moorish Mojacar governor, to captain Garcilaso de la Vega who presided over a delegation sent by the Catholic Kings to Mojacar with a mission to make the town surrender.  

A marble plaque above the water-spouts of the Moorish fountain commemorates that historic meeting.

From there we set off on our walking tour, going up steeply sloping streets towards Arrabal and the ancient town gate. We continue to the church square and Parterre square, and visit the viewpoint of Plaza Nueva, which is the nerve centre of the town and the meeting point for both residents and visitors.

Mojacar boasts a rich history of peaceful coexistence between diverse cultures, traditions and idiosyncrasies. During the 20th century boom in Spanish tourism,  Mojácar managed to preserve its Moorish identity winning the hearts and minds of the first romantic travellers, artists and hippies. We will tell you about “Las Tapadas” (the veiled ones),  “Moro Manco” (the One-handed Moor) and  “Mojaqueros de hecho y Mojaqueros de derecho” (De facto or de jure Mojaqueros).

We await you!

The tour takes approximately one hour.


Wear comfortable clothing and footwear, and bring sun protection such as  a cap or a hat, and sun screen.