Cured Ham Fair

The 24th Cured Ham and Cold Meat Fair in Seron

Situated on the Northern slope of Los Filabres, a mountain range, which dominates Valle de Almanzora, the village of Seron boasts an ideal microclimate to cure hams in natural conditions.  Hot summer days interchanging with cool nights, icy winters and aroma of plants growing in Los Filabres mountains like rockrose and rosemary are the essential ingredients to produce a variety of top quality cured hams that are enlisted as Protected Geographical Indication products.

Seron celebrates its traditional Fair of Cured Ham and Cold Meat Products on the first weekend of July. A prestigious National competition of Cured Ham Cutters takes place on Friday, the first night of Fair attracting participants from all over Spain.

On Saturday night Seron is the destination for thousands of people when producers intice visitors with jamon, cold meat products, cheese and wine.

Come and immerse yourself in this festive atmosphere and enjoy a summer night below the stars of Seron sky. 

We recommend: wear comfortable clothing and footwear, and bring sun protection such as a cap or a hat, and sun screen.

PRICE: to be determined

DURATION: set off 9 p.m. - return 2 a.m.

WHEN: July 2018


  • Palomares
  • Cuevas del Almanzora
  • Vera / Vera Playa
  • Garrucha
  • Mojácar
  • Ask for other locations