Ameria and its Scenic Bay

Founded in 955 A.D. by Abd-ar-Rahmán III at a strategic location, Almeria played a crucial role during the Cordoba Caliphate as a major al-Andalus sea port during the Umayyd dynasty. Almeria reached its full glory and flourished during the taifa period in the 11th century when, under the reign of king Almotacin, it became an important commercial and cultural centre. In the 13th century the Almohads lost power to the Nazrids, a period which is characterised by continuous inter-clan wars. After a series of campaigns during 1488 and 1489, the territory was joined to Castilla. On the 26th of December 1489 Almeria capitulated to the Catholic Kings.

We will be visiting Alcazaba, a massive fortress which Abd-ar-Rahnman III ordered to be built over the ruins of the previous fortress. It has evolved over time and the impressive present-day structure consists of three enclosures, two of Arab origin and the latest dating from after the Reconquista.

 We will stroll through the city centre with its Cathedral and Plaza Vieja, and from la puerta de Purchena you can enjoy a walk down the Paseo de Almeria towards the Port.

Almeria is worth visiting with a city guide who will highlight the best sights and can satisfy your curiosity about history, traditions or gastronomy.

We recommend: wear comfortable clothing and footwear, and bring sun protection such as a cap or a hat, and sun screen.

DURATION: 7 hours

DATE: to be determined


  • Palomares
  • Cuevas del Almanzora
  • Vera / Vera Playa
  • Garrucha
  • Los Gallardos
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